Dota 2 Betting: How to Make Money

Betting on Dota 2 games is an opportunity to earn profit on team appearances. The user makes a bet with the office on the outcome of any event. The bookmaker offers a line – a list of events with different outcomes and odds on them. The coefficient displays the probability of the occurrence of an event. The higher it is, the less likely the outcome in the opinion of BC or even on

Traditional offices offer these types of bets on Dota 2:

Ordinary – for 1 event;
express – to several independent events;
system – several express trains.
Esports offices offer, for example, betting on the first 10 “killings” or “who will kill Roshan first”, on the total of “frags” (killed), with handicap and so on.

Dota 2 betting sites

How to bet on DotA 2?

Betting on Dota 2 and eSports is not as much like traditional as it might seem. To set correctly, one must take into account the nuances of discipline.

First, you need to understand what format the selected match is. Best-of-1 (Bo1) – the most unpredictable in e-sports. They are typical for the initial stages of tournaments.

BO3 tournaments are more common in the main stages. Here is already much less likely that a weak team will be able to beat the leader several times. We can say that here the stakes are quite safe with a good knowledge of the game.

VO5 are held at the grand finals. 5 rink passes, and usually it is very intense fights, because top teams meet at the finals. For the right bets, you need to carefully study the opponents, their weaknesses and strengths.

As in any sport, online bets on Dota 2 require careful study of the game, participants and events in the world of e-sports.